By Allan Jay Friedman

THE “DREAM OF CAMELOT, ” a 3 Part Novel, 350 pages, will be presented to 400 Ambassasdors at a banquet at the United Nations for the Olympia Awards, the 7 Arts of the World: music, art, literature, dancing sculpting, film and theater. Antonio Gellini is the Founder of the Olympia Awards and Allan Jay Friedman is the President and CEO.


This1495-45 presentation will be followed by a three-hour theatrical musical, an Entertainment Seminar called, “The Course of Legends” and three motion pictures based on it.

The “Dream of Camelot” is a reincarnation story that follows the evolution of our hero, Timothy Bolt, through multiple incarnations in an action-adventure story. It takes him from an era of a heart-driven idealism to an era of mind-driven cynicism where the once noble and humane world is transformed into a robotic, computerized Machine. What Timothy uncovers is the secret code to manifest and unlock this One World Order that brought about this evil transformation. In the process, he reveals why and by whom this Order was created. By so doing, he hopes to avert this unknown shadow group’s mission to enslave the world and destroy the “Dream of Camelot” which is to make the world a safe, free and noble world of truth, honesty, equality, dignity and love for children.


“If you want to tell the truth, you have to make it fun or else they will kill you, just like they destroy anyone who interferes in any way with their governments, industries or the completion of any aspect of their One World Order or challenges their religious dogma to control the world !” Allan Jay Friedman
This Book will be a three-hour theatrical musical, an Entertainment Seminar and 3 two-hour movies called, the “Dream of Camelot:”
Part One – “The Fairy Tale That Isn’t”
Part Two – “The Devil and Aunt Meany”
Part Three –“Timothy Bolt” (The Ultimate Precision Machine)
“When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty.” Thomas Jefferson
“America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” Abraham Lincoln


Allan Jay Friedman, the author of the 350 page “Dream of Camelot,” created, produced and composed the score for the ABC- TV Emmy Award Winning Special on JFK called “The Young Man from Boston.” It was authorized by Jackie Kennedy, who began bringing artists of all kinds to the White House to help transform the world from being mind-driven to being heart-driven, through the 7 arts, in order to help achieve her husband’s “Dream of Camelot.”

Allan wrote, 1495-46composed the score and produced with Leslie Bricusse the longest running show in the history of Chicago’s 1150 seat Drury Lane Theater, “One Shining Moment.” It was produced with Emese Tardy-Green. This musical was based on the “1000 days of JFK.” It is now being updated for a major production to be premiered in Boston, Mass. followed by New York and major cities throughout the world.

Additionally, Allan was chosen by Senator Robert Kennedy to create, produce and write the score for the “1000 Days of JFK” TV series in association with Pierre Salinger, JFK’s press secretary, and Peter Lawford. At a meeting with Bobby Kennedy, Bobby asked Allan to tell the ‘truth’ about what was really occurring in the world and to forever keep both Jackie’s and JFK’s “Dream of Camelot” alive.
This book along with thirty other books, musicals, movies and brands created by Allan Jay Friedman will be part of the Olympia Awards, the 7 Arts of the World.