The Family Film Awards
History Speaks for Itself


1996 THEN, by instituting an awards platform (and a highly rated very successful television awards show which was produced by Dick Clark Productions in conjunction with its creator Antonio Gellini and The World Film Institute and which was titled the Family Film Awards. Antonio was co-executive producer for the Family Film Awards Television Special of August 1996. The Family Film Awards still exist for family oriented entertainment and which are meant to create cooperation between studios, encouraging through healthy competition the making of better, healthy family and children’s films through honoring top producers, directors and actors of the industry for excellence in their profession and in the making of family films. Originally in the mix and on the table (during the time of Family Film Awards inception 1995) was a plan for World Film Awards
TODAY The Family Film Awards are becoming a worldwide phenomenon – with branches out from Hollywood USA into China, the Near East,, Korea, Europe, Israel, Indonesia, Philippines, African nations and many more. Presidents and dignitaries from around the world are working with The World Film Institute through their local top notch television productions companies/studios to bring to their own nations people the Family Film Awards package of prestigious film awards, local scholarships for young film artists …and further improving their own nations family programing through the instituting of the World Film Institutes unique brand: The Family Film Awards. Our new Chairman Honorable Mr. ZHANG Yi officiating within China and European Union District is on the fast track as a major contributor to world peace and improvement in film industries incentives.
Collaborating with Dr. Gellini and the World Film Institute are Film and Television Industry from around the world and here at home our old standbys CBS, NBC,ABC etc., are also coming on board in a celebration of participation for family oriented films (and also coming) within celebration of International Olympia Awards Competitions of Cultures, Arts and Entertainment …which will be the topic of a future article.
On August 21st, 2017, Mr. ZHANG Yi and Mr. Antonio Gellini signed the Strategic Partnership Agreement between ECMDC and WFI in Beijing.


Mr. ZHANG Yi is the first Chinese to become Chairman of WFI Board of Trustees. ECMDC is dedicated to people-to-people exchange between Europe and China, of which Sino-European film industry cooperation is one of major components. ECMDC has established the close partnership with official film institutes of EU Member States, European film industry partners and European film schools. In the meanwhile, ECMDC has been engaged in the extensive and in-depth cooperation with Chinese film industry partners. Therefore, the new post as Chairman of WFI Board of Trustees will enable Mr. ZHANG Yi to integrate high-quality film industry resources of China, U.S. and Europe into one entity in order to guarantee the successful implementation of the concerned cooperation projects. ECMDC and WFI will work out the best road map for the joint efforts. Both parties will cling to the actual demands of people-to-people exchange within the framework of the Belt and Road, and aim to construct the world film cooperation platform by virtue of the tangible projects including the exchange of film products, the joint talent training of film industry and the exploitation of the international film market etc. ECMDC and WFI will jointly introduce the Family Film Awards and the Olympia Awards into China, and provide more and more windows for Chinese film industry professionals to participate in the exchange and cooperation with the international colleagues.
The 21st Family Film Awards Show and Dinner where all of our 2017 Family Film Awards WNNERS will receive their awards is happening on December 11th starting at 5PM for Press and 7PM for Dinner and the Show.
The event is taking place at the prestigious Beverly Hills Women’s Club which is a location important in Hollywood history and a very fitting place to hold such a wonderful and historic event. We hope to see you there!

Beverly Hills Women’s Club
1700 Chevy Chase Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
You can reservation your seat to attend the event by calling:
(951) 220-4921 or (818) 441-2120 – from outside of California dial 1+
21st Anniversary Family Film Awards Ceremony
Get ready for a Star-Studded Celebrity Event!


Hollywood Legends, American Icons, Dignitaries, Celebrities and Leaders will come together in celebration to recognize outstanding achievements in film, the arts and humanitarianism in Beverly Hills at 7 pm on December 11th, 2017.
Magic will happen as we present Trophies to the Winners of our 21st Anniversary Family Film Awards. The Winners were announced at the 70th Annual Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, France in the Spring of 2017 and will now be presented with their hand-sculpted Family Film Award Trophies.
Join us for an amazing night! Get “up close and personal” and enjoy an intimate dinner with industry greats as we celebrate a most historic occasion at a most historic venue, the Beverly Hills Womens Club.
Tickets are available for purchase now and selling out fast. Sponsors welcome.
Media Check-In at 5 pm.
Show Begins at 7 pm.