On Saturday night, the acclaimed Rumi Symphony Project, the innovative creation of composer, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, Hafez Nazeri, featuring his legendary father, Shahram Nazeri, began its tour of the latest album, “Untold” at the Downtown Los Angeles Nokia Theater.


Rumi Symphony Orchestra including table player Salar Nader, guest artists Paul Newbauer, Matt Haimovitz, Johannes Moser, Zakir Hussain, Glen Velez and Nazeri’s father, composer and vocalist Shahram Nazeri. Hafez Nazeri also offered vocals and played his customized instrument with two extra strings called the “Hafez”.
Author and motivational speaker Deepak Chopra was also in attendance reciting mystical Rumi poetry to a background of original compositions by Hafez Nazeri.
Hafez says of “Untold”:
“[It is] the singular voice of the Persian mystical poet Rumi with the harmonic structure of Western Symphonic music, signaling the integration of distinct musical traditions into a new form and identity, a new beginning.”
The concert ended with a standing ovation followed by father and son, Hafez and Shahram playing a Kurdish piece together.


Last Thursday night, March 27, 2014 (7 Farvardi, 1393), the IRANIAN-AMERICAN LAWYERS ASSOCIATION, Los Angeles, (IALA) celebrated the Iranian Now Ruz (New Year) by honoring Dr. Cyrus Nonejad for his 50th year as an attorney and a member of the California State Bar.
More than 70 attorneys, judges, professionals and members of the media participated. Abbas Hadjian, the immediate past-president of the IALA welcomed the guests and Mark Ameli, the current president of IALA introduced Mr. Nonejad. Mr. Ameli also introduced Roshanak Rahnama the IALA’s the coming president of IALA (from June 2014).

About the Iranian-American Lawyers Association
IALA is the first association of the Iranian American attorneys in the U.S., is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization formed in California. Based in Los Angeles since 1994, IALA has played an important role in the legal community with a commitment to networking, education and public service. IALA is comprised of qualified legal professionals in good standing, which seeks to empower its members and foster awareness in the community by hosting networking events; preserving, protecting and maintaining the integrity of the legal profession; educating members, the legal community and the public; and conducting public service events for the benefit of the community at large.

Dr. Cyrus Nonejad
Dr. Cyrus Nonejad is the first Iranian born attorney who authorized to practice law in California and the United States. In November 2013 the Supreme Court of California issued a “certificate of recognition” in the honor of Cyrus Nonejad’s 50 years service.