The World Film Institute

Olympia Awards Cities of Light


By Ethel C. Richard contributor

Four hundred acres are being dedicated to the building of the first Olympia Awards City of Light – the world’s largest and most comprehensive cultural arts project of the century and the good news is that the site is the first of a global network of an arts college’sand “eco-friendly smart cities of the future” (andtheme parks) collective. The World Film Institute has contracted the project which the gracious Chinese government and people of China and the world have seen three new offices been opened – with major offices in Shanghai, satellite offices in Ximen and in Beijing- and many more offices are planned throughout the Chinese nation. Of the project it is said that it will bring over 100,000 new jobs and bring a huge boost to the Chinese economy. Mr. William Zhang Yi officiates as Chairman over our China, EU and United States territories.
A collaborative effort to bring the project to a global scale is underway which include participation of the governments of the world and all major television networks and film makers/studios both within the United States and China and hence is encompassing an amazing and remarkable journey in cooperation between nations which is unparalleled within the history of the global community. Speaking with Dr. Gellini we gleaned that the plans include 17 additional offices throughout the many Chinese provinces and additional offices for international television networks, art institutions and film industry officials to be housed within each Cities of Light complex which will include twelve arts educational facilities/colleges, public theme park and business area.


The purpose of Olympia Awards Cities of Light is to promote the various humanities within each nation of the globe and each college will reflect the light and arts of its sponsoring international cultures – right down to its architectural features. Individual countries will architect expressions of arts and sciences from their own countries which will be highlighted in exhibition. Israel, India, Iran, Pakistan, Africa, etc. …each with its own design to display so that when you come into this city you will experience the unique and inspiring individual lights and characteristics of styles differing from one country to another. In another aspect there will be twelve universities in which are taught the twelve International Olympian cultural arts (dancing, painting, sculpture, literature, theater, film, men and women’s martial arts, humanities, culinary arts, fashion and design, technologies and science, special needs).


“We will have mutual on site arts and entertainment business offices – NBC, CBS, FOX – and every studio – Paramount, Universal, Disney, ctc. will have an office which is local within Pacific Asiatic nations – such as Singapore, Korea, the Philippines, and (in combination with) theme park services and travel and transportation facilities, (airline, reservations, hotel, auto and public). When you come into these cities you will see light and an amazing array of outstanding exhibits and many great things happening and all embraced under the single umbrella of world cultures and arts. So many reasons to be proud of the nations… and from my heart going into China and its Dynastic culturesspanning thousands of years is so able as an excellent exampleof a truly living example of culture and art and what they have done with their country within the last 29 years is unbelievable!
I am very, very honored as an American citizen, which is the youngest country in the world, to learn the aspects of a culture and of its great importance …and for those of the younger countries to view the cultures of the world’s oldestcivilizations is of vast worthiness and the elder countries have an remarkable opportunity and responsibility to offer credit to the younger country America because every country’s citizens believe and extend the friendship of the heart toward America as “a land of dreams.”


For example, America is diverse with cultures and people from many nations which are collectively thousands and thousands of years older and we must take responsibility together, to pass to the generation’s the world’s individual nations cultural heritage for all the people of the world (from which many people of America and of the European Union descend) andthereforethe world’s youngest nations are the world’sposterity … (so to speak) our “baby.”
I saw how important it is to explain to the Chinese people and to the people of India and of Africa and of other nations, this: that, “you are beautiful; however you are aware because of having grown strong within knowledge of your own nation’s culture and history. However after having massed this cultural beauty, knowledge and spender within your own nation, what a marvelous contribution and gift of education can be made to the nations of the world –and peace between nations is encouraged through imparting the beauty of your culture and arts to others – especially to the younger countries of the world – such as America.


I love talking with so many wonderful people – mothers, brothers, sisters and sons. It’s all about education!
I am so proud that we have 400 acres being set aside for our first Olympia Awards City of Light to be built within China – and it is a model to be set as an example around the world –
so that anybody can enter any of these cities from around the world and see a part of himself, his culture in music, design, all things of value, beauty and goodness – and for betterment of humankindand in respect of all cultures we can learn to love one another”
… and so Olympia Awards Cities of Light shineas a beacon pointing toward peace between nations and peopleswhile educating all people in Cultures and within the arts.


Basic design for the first City Of Light from which other Olympia Awards Cities of Light around the world are to be built has been prototyped by our Executive Senior Vice President for the World Film Institute, Mr. Joel Christopher Payne (whom also is a very talented top notch technical artist and painter/animator (Disney) – and we include a diagram of the prototype for Olympia Awards City of Light with this article.
States Dr. Gellini as we conclude our conversation,
“Olympia Awards Cities of Light are a gift to the people of the world and are slated to be the largest international human endeavor in the history of the world and where all peoples can find common ground, understanding, beauty and enlightenment, gaining knowledge about themselves, seeing deeper and beyond what we normally see, we will see the vision of all the world’s peoples and gain appreciation for the cultures and knowledge of other nations and peoples of the world, and we can bring love to all people and grow happiness together – each nation respecting the other., honoring our women and creating a noble place for our children.”


Dr. Gellini often expresses himself in this way and seeing the tremendous response and success he is having within China and around the world I am very much looking forward to walking within the streets of the first Olympia Awards City of Light as I believe that will be quite an enlightening and fascinating experience (as a matter of fact).