The World Film Institute is a Work of Light within the World
Straight from the Father of Cultures


Ethel C. Richard

On December 11, 2017 Antonio Gellini (through a court approved name change) became “Olympia Awards Gellini” reflecting the facts and the scope of his lifelong mission trust and calling. He has focused upon this calling from a very young age (5 years old), and his focus which also has matured, is to bring more light into the world – to brightly shine the public spotlight of recognition upon our world’s wondrous cultures, assisting to illuminate the consciousness of all persons… in raising persons to a higher level of their humanity through the arts.
Dr. Gellini has stated that the new name reflects the evolving vision he has held since he was a child. Olympia Awards is a celebration of the arts and cultures and is a global event that honors the unique gifts of each country with the best of the best artisans coming together.
Dr. Gellini is working steadfastly within the framework of his position as an ambassador for world peace and of the institute which he founded, (and which is in actuality an 501c3 educational entity international institute/association encompassing the arts and sciences) in order to help bridge barriers between cultures, nations, peoples and faiths, while enriching on a global scale vast opportunities for artists, through working with nations leaders and top business people for strong global cooperation within the arts and sciences, mediating cooperation from within his position as the humble though most powerful head of the renowned World Film Institute. In his work strengthening a sense of true comradery among our world’s leaders, it is the author’s opinion that his most noble calling and outreach is in his serious commitment toward building peace between earth’s peoples.



Dr. Olympia Awards Gellini is founder, CEO and president of Olympia Awards Worldwide Cities of Light which he has founded in cooperation with China’s Belt and Road Projects, having reached strategic agreement between American film industry and cultural arts leaders, film studios, television networks and Chinese government officials and business leaders from eight Chinese provinces. World Film Institute offices have been established within several of China’s cities and an initial 400 acres have been dedicated in Shanghai Province for construction of Olympia Awards City of Light – the first of many – Olympia Awards City of Light theme park combination University/cultural arts centers/theme parks and travel facilities to be built within China …and then branching around the globe. These parks will encompass and welcome many nations of the world’s cultures, showcasing their arts and entertainment …and educating, enlightening all who attend.
The Family Film Awards (also founded by Dr. Gellini) has been franchised throughout the world as a much loved branch within the World Film Institute tree. Mr. William Zhangyi who is Chairman for our World Film Institute within China as well as within the European Union and the United States is overseeing this international awards program to recognize our world’s finest artists who create (upon several levels within the industry), family oriented films.
Dr. Olympia A. Gellini has truly earned his name, “Father of Cultures” and indeed he is worthy even to receive nomination for a Noble Peace Prize for his vast work toward world peace and it is with much respect that we who work with him also have extended to him our loyalty, our trust, our commitment to this vastly important work and will continue to work right alongside of him as members of the family of the World Film Institute/World Film Association.