Reported by Ethel C. (Richard) Afridi Supervising Director WFI New England Branch

It’s been a busy time at the World Film Institute. Dr. Gellini returned from very important meetings held within China on December 5th and since has had very little time to digest all that had been discussed, as upon his return to America several of his friends and colleagues who are excited over new WFI developments within China and within Hollywood converged upon him with several events – welcome home parties, the winning of another award, many heartfelt congratulations and publicly aired interviews.


The Following is translated and taken from a Chinese news source which reported on the Chinese International Summit Forum event:
Source: Entertainment Network Editor: Zhang Yongqi Time: 2018-12-03
“On December 2, 2018, the China (International) Film Industry Summit Forum hosted by Chuanghe Holdings Group was successfully concluded at Beijing Nuojin Hotel. The theme of the forum was “Focus on the current status of the film industry and explore the direction of Chinese film development”, which fully reflected the “new” The era, new movies, and new journeys are about thinking and exploring the film industry.
This is a gathering of Chinese and world filmmakers and the film industry, connecting the world and connecting the future. After a hundred years of silence, the film industry has presented a vibrant vitality. Since the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up, Chinese films have witnessed the changes of Chinese society. They have a history and culture of 5,000 years and have produced a group of outstanding filmmakers. This forum focuses on the development status of the film industry in various countries, and looks at the Chinese market from an international perspective. Where is the future of the film industry going? We are building an international film exchange, cooperation and trading platform, and realizing more, wider and deeper Sino-foreign cooperation in the film industry in the new era.



At the meeting were Pan Jie, Chairman of the Board of Founding and Holding Group, President Xie Junpeng, Li Jinlong, former director of the Film and Television Cultural Exchange Center of the Ministry of Culture, Wu Jiafeng, former deputy director of the Information Department of the Central Propaganda Department, and Huang Qunfei, executive vice president of Huaxia Film Distribution Co., Ltd. Executive Director of the National Soft Power Assessment Center, Zhang Wei, President of the World Film Association and President of the World Film Association, and Olympia A. Gellini, founder of the Olympia Awards and the Family Film Awards, and Peter Zelard, Principal Consultant of the European Film Festival (Peter) Sallade), Wanda Films Wang Daoli, Tencent Fighting Entertainment COO Chen Shuai, Chairman of Qitai Culture Yang Shuo, “Wolf Warrior 2” “I AM NOT A DRUG GOD” Xuanfa, Chairman of the New Shadow Alliance Ye Kai, “X War “Police” “Iron Man” “Lord of the Rings 2” co-producer, Ao Ying International Media Group President Cheng Xin, Hong Kong’s deep film director Chen Xunqi, Beijing Fanshicheng International Film and Television General Manager Zhao Wei.



Wu Jiafeng, the former director of the Central Propaganda Department, gave a profound speech on the opportunities and challenges faced by Chinese films in the new era, and analyzed the development direction of Chinese films in a simple way. Mr. Yang Shuo, Chairman of Qitai Culture, took the topic of Wu Jiafeng and shared the insights into the future development of the Chinese film market. He made in-depth analysis and direction indications from the era when domestic films will usher in the “type film”. It is worth mentioning that Hong Kong’s film director Chen Xunqi has published a slogan on the entire Chinese film from Hong Kong film. At the end of the meeting, Pan Jie, the chairman of Chuanghe Holding Group, reached strategic cooperation with many well-known enterprises and signed on-site.”
Dr. Gellini returned to Los Angeles and elatedly gave to us the good news of the signings at Beijing. He also made additional statements.
“I am very thankful to great County China with great Chinese peoples for such a great welcome and bring the governments together with dignitaries and Artist for making OLYMPIA CITY OF LIGHTS. I was in Beijing and I am in Nanjing and tomorrow going to another province and another province and another province and then back to Beijing again and after great celebration of the Olympia City of Lights I am going back to Shenzhen and Hong Kong and then back home to the great County of America and the great American people.”



Prior to his November trip into China (it was his 14th welcome into the country of China, which he made note of and also of the great hospitality and generosity of the Chinese people) On November 5th Dr. Gellini and Mr. Steven Nia held an exclusive American Film Market W1 Platform Red Carpet Event – during which was announced W1 (Wardour Studios) platform (and) the first ever Hollywood Blockchain for film makers. Also announced were the American World Film Awards which are scheduled to air on nationwide television November 4th, 2019 and there will also be The 23rd Annual Family Film Awards which will return to national television during the year. It is interesting and we note that funds held by Wardour Studios are secured by and part of China’s One Belt One Road Fund (OBOR Initiative) within America. Dr. Gellini has stated publicly that Mr. Steven Nia is partnered with him in the enterprise and we wish them well within it.
Soon after Dr. Gellini arrived back in Los Angeles he found himself busy attending several engagements and catching a breath between various public interviews, awards and speeches. At a remarkable private celebrity Christmas Dinner and Awards Ceremonies event held by the Southern California Motion Picture Council on December 10th Dr. Gellini was honored to receive the Golden Halo Award for Outstanding Family Entertainment.
“I am very thankful to Southern California Motion Picture Council and ICON actors Madam Margaret Obrien and Mr. Randel Malone president of Southern California Motion Picture council and Mr. Michael and everyone who are in charge over this historical organization and over it’s great awards. I am very thankful for the people of this historical organization who understand the value of cultures, arts, artist’s and entertainment … (and) along with me my partner of the Family Film Awards, Mr. Roger Neal and his lovely wife Madam Lynn Neal and some other dignitaries are also getting awards tonight. God bless you all and God bless family.” Dr. Gellini also made personal appearances at several locations during his first two weeks home, including as a guest of Omid Iran TV.