THE WORLD FILM INSTITUTE

Since our 21st Family Film Awards Ceremonies of December 11, 2017 and for

Dr. Olympia Awards (Antonio) Gellini there have been

six months of globetrotting …with no end yet in sight


The world is driven to succeed and 300 nations have come on board with the World Film Institute in the global effort toward international exchange in cultural and film arts.Dr. Olympia Awards (Antonio) Gellini had just arrived back in Los Angeles and hung his hat when he was immediately called away to Dubai, United Arab Emirates in order to focus on upcoming participation of the Emirates in the Worldwide Family Film Awards and the Olympia Awards Competitions of Cultures, Arts and Entertainment… and the world wide saga continues.
You can ask me anything you like about Dr. Olympia and on any given day I may actually be able to tell you what he is having for breakfast, why he is in a good (or a grumpy) mood or what is his next stop on his tour (even if it’s only to grab a cup of coffee or to see the dentist). Most people don’t stop to think about who is the person doing much of the behind the scenes work… the reporting … who is the planner, who is the speechwriter, the article author, the publicist (24/7) who is best friend to the founder, CEO and President of the World Film Institute?
Since I never seem to get credited for my articles I have no fear that anyone will find out who I am and so I can be free to tell you all exactly what it’s like and it’s not so bad (I get to ramble in private about all of the crazy and odd things that happen through the course of Dr. Gellini’s (and my) day and sometimes I actually get to participate in his day in ways which would leave a lot of average working people in awe. I don’t “work” of course (I am a volunteer and I like what I do and so this is all worth it just for the fun factor of taking part in it LOL). So okay we resolved that I am NOT getting paid to write any of this and so I can be straight forward. ..right?


Oh yes I love my job. I have that envious position of being awakened at 2 AM with a phone call, a ding from Face Book or in We Chat that lets me know Dr. Gellini is again in need of my services (and of course he is in Dubai and there it is only 4 PM)…and because I now have a guilt complex if I ignore his message until my normal waking hour – as it has happened (in the past when I was not so perfect) that occasionally he has had a serious issue which called for my help immediately and my computer and phone where in the wrong room (I learned quickly that the correct room is in my bedroom where I can now be reached 24/7 while trying to take a cat nap between tweets) like the time a year ago when his name was not found on the reservation list for his flight out of China and he was fretting and needed me to contact his travel agent so that he wouldn’t be stranded) and so forget sleep because it doesn’t happen too often!
Last December …we started with Turkey, Germany, Luxembourg and Poland. Then we went back to Turkey and flew out after a short while to China where we did several stops in eight provinces and where Dr. Gellini made a major special appearance and speech at the Famous Asia Pacific MedicalConference and Forum. Dr. Gellini returned for a short time to Los Angeles – however he was again called (this time to South America) and after visits within El Salvador, Costa Rica and (was it Venezuela?) he flew to Florida for a dinner banquet with President Trump –at “The Truth about Israel Gala” at Mar a Lago. (That was fun…I got to sit at the table with him in the video chat and be introduced around a bit).


Now that Dr. Gellini is in Dubai I am actually getting a short break because he has asked me to write this short article explaining to all of you folks out there what has happened over this last few months and today is Friday (deadline at Javanan, 6 PM) and so here I am enjoying writing this odd and unusual “freelance” piece of what it’s like to be the voice and friend of one of the most powerful men in the known world within the film and cultural awards industry. Dr. Gellini is a sweetheart of a guy who loves to take photos, in his spare time read and watch movies. When I speak this way you get the picture of a regular sweet man who is doing one heck of a fabulous job to bring the world together for the benefit of humanity, families, women and children.
The year has just started and so has the work lain out ahead. Dr. Gellini appears in April at Harvard University for a Motion Picture Industry and High Tech Sino- American Business Forum (and the week prior he is at Manchester, New Hampshire for appearances withpublisher and coauthor of his biography (Ethel C. Richard).
After all of this he heads out for Cannes, France in May for the 22nd Family Film Awards… and he’ll most likely be returning to China by June.


Dr. Gellini who, loving the world’s people created an institution which is so well received that as a whole his life work is remarkable and the foundation he started (the World Film Institute) highly acknowledgeable. He is a world influencer both in the arts and in humanities and cultural education, in environment and in modern day film and entertainment.
Dr. Gellini’s heart is big as the world. He is being called “The Father d Cultures” and if that is so then we who love the cultures are his family and I for one am able and confident to say that it’s a well-deserved title as he certainly lives the part and we are all of us of the world family.
At the World Film Institute we are part of something bigger than ourselves – we are a group of good friends working together –a caring team.Truth is when it comes to me and Dr. Olympia, personally we(often) get along more like Abbott & Costello in “Who’s On First! “– (their famous baseball routine)and my role always seems to revert into a ‘Costello” (lol) … however our attitude is unique and a worthwhile labor of lovewhere there’s caring and a serious work for goodness going ontowardhealthy education in thehumanities, arts and entertainment- and for world peace -and no matter how crazy the work load gets I would not trade my place behind the scenes with the World Film Institute in working on these projects nor would I trade my friendship with Dr. Olympia Awards Gellini for any other job or for any other friendship in the world.– and so,here I remain…“…Anonymous”.