You had to know it that when the Universal Peace Federation became involved that this is going to be a very unique year. The word went out to several countries a few months ago that The Family Film Awards are going Global and everyday more nations are calling in with famed artists entrants whom we in the states have yet to become familiar with. In the name of diversity we are expanding and this year’s Family Film Awards will be welcoming family oriented entertainment and artists within television and film from Afghanistan, Mexico, China, Canada, France, England and Israel as well as the United States. This will be such a remarkable gathering. Universities have also become involved and will be providing symphony adding to festivities for this intercultural entertainment event. As usual our lovely Rebecca Holden will open the festivities in leading with our national anthem.
In A History Making Worldwide LIVE Broadcast Event on Sunday September 29 the 23rd Annual Family Film Awards Teams up to Salute International Family Film and so begins … The 1st Annual World Family Film Awards!
Founder, CEO and President Dr. Olympia A. Gellini For 22 years the Family Film Awards has been a purely distinct American phenomenon. This year starts a new tradition and a new era of international comradery in arts and entertainment and so our 23rd Annual Family Film Awards LIVE event will reflect an international cooperation never before seen in history.
Directors and Artists of winning Family Films from several nations will participate alongsideAmerica and be present as world nation’s international nominees. Preview clips from each nominated film will be shown. …and one nation’s family film will be honored with receiving the International World Family Film Award for Best Family Film during this year’s events. We are very excited to be in preparation for the upcoming 23rd Annual Family Film Awards (and for new beginnings) and for all which that implies. Be sure to be there with us for this wonderful all-star studded history making event!


This year he Family Film Awards will take place on September 29, 2019 at Hilton Universal Hotel Ballroom 555 Universal Hollywood Drive Universal City, CA
The 23rd Annual Family Film Awards (renamed the 1st Annual World Family Film Awards) fabulous gourmet dinner is being presented by Peyman Billionaires Events. Kosher and delicious!
We would also like warmly welcome Mr. Peyman Faghan owner of Billionaires Events who has been named honored Vice President for the World Film Institute. Congratulations Mr. Faghan!
Tickets to the 23rd Family Film Awards are available from this office and also from our new Vice President of World Film Institute Peyman Faghan (Owner of Billionaires Events. Los Angeles).
Please call Mr. Faghan for reservations at (818) 430-0006