The Creator and Visionary behind Family Film Awards and Olympia Awards Progresses Despite the Challenges of Creating one of the Biggest Festivals in History

The years of hard work and not giving up on his vision of the Family Film Awards and Olympia Awards, is finally paying off for visionary Antonio Gellini, with the help of Allen Jay Friedman and friends he has worked with previously.
Gellini says that several Japanese companies have agreed to help and invest in the projects that are family-oriented and celebrate the arts. He also says that Joseph Takahashi will be in Los Angeles soon for meetings with him and Friedman. Gellini says that they will be working with him so that after four years of the awards in the United States of America, the shows will move to Japan. He says that investors have expressed interest in moving the project to Japan because they would like to have it be home to big international festivals, such as Olympia Awards.
They will give Javanan Magazine news of the plans as soon as they are finalized.
The Family Film Awards honored the best editors, sound engineers, cinematographers, composers, writers, directors, producers and film in family entertainment, and in 1996 presented a show in Los Angeles with film celebrities including Ron Howard, Charlton Heston, Julia Roberts, Tom Hanks, Patrick Stewart, and many more.
Gellini, was just two months away from presenting the second year of the awards, when his business partner Dick Clark was hospitalized, and later passed away.
Now, Gellini is planning on bringing the awards show back, along with the Olympia Awards.
Recently, Gellini teamed up with award-winning Writer-Composer-Lyricist-Producer, Allan Jay Friedman to create the Olympia Awards which honors the best movies of the Cannes, Venice, Sundance and other film festivals, with seven categories Writing, Poetry, Painting Arts, Music, Film, Television, and Theater.
Currently, Gellini says that American companies are also interested in working with the Family Film Awards and Olympia Awards but would first like to see how they will start, who is investing the projects, and  who is involved, which is why Gellini and Friedman are working hard to create a fresh face for the shows proving that, along with who they have worked with in the past, they will be successful.
The people who come from Japan are also planning to speak with American networks such as ABC, CBS, Bravo and E! Entertainment about views they have on the Family Film Awards and Olympia Awards projects.
Because the Family Film Awards had so many celebrities involved when it was broadcasted in 1996, the project hopes that American networks and investors will also be involved.